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New Mexico Search and Rescue Council
FOR A WILDERNESS EMERGENCY, CALL: 9-1-1 or your local New Mexico State Police district office
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The resources section contains a great variety of SAR information. Under Guidelines there is gear, clothing, and training manuals that are used by NMSAR teams for the different conditions confronted in New Mexico on wilderness search and rescue missions. Certification contains all the information needed to prepare for a volunteer for “Field Certification”.

Resources also has Radio and Map Information. These two sections contain current information on NMSARC’s radio and mapping programs.  Forms has downloadable files for the ICS paperwork used on missions and expense reimbursement forms for the state. In the Donations section there is information on donating to the search and rescue teams in New Mexico.


NMSARC represents the largest group of wilderness search and rescue volunteers in the state of New Mexico.

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